CORE スクラッチの旅:プログラミングで自分だけの世界を作ろう (クリエイティブ コース 9−10歳) // Journeys in Scratch (Creative Bundle 9-10)



スクラッチの旅:プログラミングで自分だけの世界を作ろう (オンライン)


(English translation follows after Japanese)


* 月~木曜日(各クラス1日2時間で全4日間、合計で8時間)
* 各セッションは定期的なイベントです
* 全クラスともに合計時間は同じですが、異なる日時となりますのでご注意ください。
* 基礎的なスクラッチの概念を楽しいプロジェクトに応用
* テーマに沿った4つのプロジェクトを通してさらに理解を深める
* オンラインまたはオフラインのスクラッチではじめよう:時空を超えた冒険を受講済であること


(A) クリエイティブバンドル:あなたのチャットボットをプログラミングし、ゲームの中でデジタルアートをデザインして下さい!
1. スクラッチでチャットボットをプログラミング!
2. おばけを捕まえて、ゴーストバスターズの仲間に入ろう!

3. ロケットを地球から月まで飛ばす方法を考えよう!

4. デジタルアートで自分の絵の才能を確かめて!

(B) インベンティブバンドル:計算式を作って水中や宇宙を冒険するゲームをデザイン!
1. 簡単な計算式を作って複雑な数学的問題を解決しよう!

2. 海の生き物に見つからないように気を付けながら、水中ダイバーが海中にあるすべてのプラ袋を片づけるお手伝いをして!

3. スクラッチでサッカーの試合を組み立てよう!

4. 惑星にぶつからないようにロケットを飛ばせるかな?


* シークエンス、ループとイベントを理解する
* コンディションや変数など複雑性を深める
* タイマー、ライフカウンター、スコアを付け加える
* メッセージをブロードキャストする
* ロジックやシステマチックな推論でテストやデバッグをする

* デザイン的思考
* 理論的思考
* プレゼンテーション力
* 問題解決への対処法

1. プログラミング初心者なのですが、コースについていけますか?

2. 学校でスクラッチを習ったことがありますが、こちらのコースに参加するべきでしょうか?





Our online courses would be charged at an introductory price of ¥21500 (original price of ¥23000). Book now to reserve your spot!

Journeys in Scratch : Create your world with code (Online)
Apply all you've learnt in Start with Scratch to 4 different projects!

So you've just discovered your Scratch superpowers? What will you create with them? As with learning any new skill or language (or power!), practice makes progress. Practice your newfound coding skills with a series of 4 projects aimed at helping you get your superpowers under control!

* Monday - Thursday (4 days, 2 hours/day, 8 hours in total)
* Please refer to your ticket for the actual date and time
* * Each session a recurring event.
* Apply fundamental Scratch concepts to a variety of fun projects
* Guided learning through a choice of 4 thematic projects
* Requires Start with Scratch (either the online or offline courses)

All you need to know
So you've just discovered your Scratch superpowers? What will you do next with them? As with learning any new skill or language (or power!), practice makes progress. Practice your newfound coding skills with a series of up to 4 projects aimed at helping you get your superpowers under control!

Choose between 2 groups of projects to work on.
(A) Creative Bundle: Get creative coding up your own chatbot, designing out of this world games, and trying your hand at digital art!

1. Program a chatbot with Scratch!
2. Catch some ghosts and join the Ghostbusters crew!

3. How do you send a rocket from the Earth to the moon? Find out more with this exciting project!

4. Try your hand at digital art!

(B) Inventive Bundle: Get exploring as you code up a calculator and design a variety of games that'll take you underwater and into outer space!
1. Create a simple calculator to solve complex mathematical problems!

2. Help your diver collect all the plastic trash in the ocean, but be careful to avoid the inhabitants of the underwater world!

3. Build a football game with Scratch!

4. Avoid the asteroids!

Ain’t no virus gonna stop us! Keep the learnin’ going with our series of guided Scratch projects - our instructors will walk your kids through the process of building these fun projects and get their coding superpowers ready for the next challenge thrown their way!

Oh! The stuff you'll learn
Creative application of the concepts learnt in Start with Scratch such as:
* Sequences, loops and events
* Increase complexity with Conditions and Variables
* Add timers, life counters and scores
* Broadcast messages
* Test and debug using logic and systematic reasoning

Life Skills
* Design Thinking
* Logical Thinking
* Presentation Skills
* Problem Solving

1. My child is new to computers and programming. Will he / she be able to follow?
It is highly recommended that the child has prior background in block based programming as this course will refer to concepts taught in that course.

2. My child has done some Scratch programming at school. Should he/she still attend this course?
If you’re not too sure how much your child knows about Scratch programming, email us a link to your child’s Scratch profile and we can take a look and advise you.

3. My child is younger than 7. Can he/she join?
Scratch was designed for 7-10 year olds but is used by people of all ages. Sadly, having a 6 year old in the same class as a 10 year old may not result in the best learning environment for the younger student. If your child is very keen, we can organise separate classes if there is a minimum of 3 participants. Please contact us directly to enquire.

4. I’ve enrolled my child, what will he/she need for the class?
Classes will be conducted via Zoom conferencing. Your child will need a laptop/desktop computer with a webcam/video conferencing and their microphone enabled. We will be using password secured classrooms which will be locked once the class has begun.

There is a no iPad policy for our online classes.

Jun 15 - Aug 13, 2020
[ Mon ] - [ Thu ]
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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Session 1 スクラッチの旅 // Journeys in Scratch (Creative Bundle 9-10歳) (06/15/2020 to 06/18/2020 10:00-12:00) ¥21,500
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Session 3 スクラッチの旅 // Journeys in Scratch (Creative Bundle 9-10歳) (07/13/2020 to 07/16/2020 10:00-12:00) ¥21,500
Session 4 スクラッチの旅 // Journeys in Scratch (Creative Bundle 9-10歳) (08/03/2020 to 08/06/2020 15:00-17:00) ¥21,500
Session 5 スクラッチの旅 // Journeys in Scratch (Creative Bundle 9-10歳) (08/10/2020 to 08/13/2020 10:00-12:00) ¥21,500

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